Home automation makes it possible to automate, program and control a residential or professional building from distance. It brings together and uses the fields of electronics, IT, telecommunications and automation

Of course! Our modules can be connected to any sanitary installation.

Ask your installer or ask us to put you in touch with a professional from our network in order to establish an audit and a quote if necessary..

Of course

You can very well start with the starter pack and then add more as you need it afterwards.

The battery can be replaced  like any other battery   in an electronic device. Open the white insert on the side of the module and remove the battery holder.  Then disconnect the cable and reconnect the new battery..

The most important thing is not to reopen the water on the part that has been isolated. Contact your installer or the maintenance company that looks after your installation to repair the water leak.

A connection is required for your My Water Manager system to work properly.

In case of an Internet and/or electricity failure, a backup battery embedded in your box allows you to keep your installation running for 12 hours.

You will no longer be able to control the application in case of loss of connection but the system will remain autonomous in case of a water leak.

Yes. For two reasons. The first is obviously for the optimum functioning of the system.

The second is the setting of the system. If this is not done properly, you may get redundant alerts.

There are 3 operating alerts that fault your system.
Every 7 weeks an automatic anti-limestone cycle is performed. 

If the cycle is not completed you will receive an alert.

For X reasons you lose the radio connection between a module and the box, you receive an alert 


Concerning the battery, you will receive an alert as soon as you have only 20% battery left.

As these three alerts can put your installation at risk, we will send you several email notifications and you will receive notifications via your application.

You can also enter the contact details of your installer or operator in the application. They will receive the alerts and will be able to come back to you to take action.

Yes, with the My Water Manager application, you can turn off the general water supply or a specific water point as required. In any case, the system will shut off the water in case of a problem whether you are at home or on holiday, even if you did not think to turn off the water before leaving. 

Yes. The first person to log in to the application becomes the system administrator by default.

It is he who then invites the second users   by giving them different access rights.

Your installer will be able to decide when to install the modules.

It depends if you put one module per flat or several modules per flat. If there is only one module, you can put a box in the common areas for ten flats but this implies that you have an internet connection available or a 4G router.