Our solution

How the system works

The operating principle is based on several autonomous and interconnected communicating modules placed at strategic points in the sanitary installation.

Each module continuously measures the flow rate and temperature of the water, integrates a motorised valve and exchanges information in real time via a closed protocol (radio) with the MyWaterManager© box.

Each box is connected to the Internet by a WiFi or Ethernet link.

Intelligent water leakage detection

The algorithms developed by our R&D team make it possible to detect leaks but also their origins thanks to the interconnectivity of the modules.

All information and alerts are immediately transmitted to users.

The system can automatically act on the leak or leave it to the users to decide, thus ensuring optimal safety. MyWaterManager© offers you a reliable, space-saving and easy-to-install solution for monitoring your sanitary installations.

Eco-domotics in daily life

Each module is equipped with a motorised valve, so you can open and close it remotely at your convenience.

Examples of the module’s use :

  • Programming of opening times and restrictions.
  • No need to close the valve at the water counter before you leave, the My Water Manager© system automatically ensures the safety of your installation.
  • Possibility to set the time of a shower: ideal for the education of your children.
  • Information on the risk of frost when the temperature falls below 2°C.
  • Controlling the automatic watering of your green spaces according to weather conditions.
  • Filling your pool remotely.
  • Information on the use of water in your second home in case of absence; a real pedagogical tool.

Ecological, economical, eco-responsible

The My Water Manager© system allows for a rational consumption of water in order to preserve this vital resource.

The intuitive application makes it easy to control, manage and optimise the sanitary installation.

The user can cut off or limit the flow at water points directly using their smartphone, tablet or PC.

Users can view consumption in real time and take action to limit it if necessary.

Configuration example